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Top 6 Uses Of Gaming Laptop Other Than Gaming

Gaming Laptops(at least high-performance gaming PCs) take use of next-generation technology, such as high-performance CPUs, lightning-fast RAM, and fantastic graphics cards, to let you play the resource-intensive games that AAA development teams are cranking out these days with ease.

At the same time, all of this added power and performance comes at a significant cost.

Here are the top 6 uses of Gaming Laptop other than gaming.

Top 6 Uses of Gaming Laptop:

1. Web Server

There are several gaming laptops sites online that can show you how to transform a powerful setup, such as your new computer, into your own personal web server. It’s also a lot simpler than you would think!

You can use your personal web server to host a WordPress blog, an e-commerce platform, your own private Wikipedia, or pretty much anything else you’d like to use a server for – and you’ll be able to use it just like you would web hosting from a third-party company that you had to pay for monthly or annually.

2. CryptoCurrency Mining

Many tech publications have covered crypto currency mining and how it drove up the cost of graphics cards until around a year ago, when the value of cryptocurrency plummeted. Well, crypto is starting to rise again (particularly Bitcoin following the announcement that it would be halved), and now is the ideal moment to convert your full-time gaming laptop into a crypto currency mining setup. Again, converting your gaming laptop into a crypto cash mining setup is rather simple.

There are also simple to follow video instructions on YouTube (all of which are completely free) that bring you through the procedure from beginning to end. It’s not a terrible method to get some crypto cash when you otherwise wouldn’t be utilizing your gaming laptop.

3. Media Server

Although streaming services like Netflix are currently dominant, there are still certain benefits to preserving your own video library – even if it is entirely digital. You can transform your gaming laptop into your own private video server, your own private and personal version of Netflix, by using software like Kodi (formerly XBMC) for Plex.

Using the strength of your gaming laptop to perform the hard lifting of encoding and delivering your material over the web, you’ll be able to stream your movies and TV shows (and any other video content you choose) to all of your devices – even your TVs and smart devices. This method also gives you a lot more power and control over your media server.

4. Business Usage

Using the hardware and advanced components of a new gaming laptop for business reasons is one of the finest ways to justify (or rationalize) spending a lot of money on it. Your new gaming laptop is likely to include a lightning fast multi core processor, at least 16 GB of RAM (if not more), and a graphics card capable of handling some real heavy lifting.

If your new PC can manage multitasking numerous resource heavy software settings that allow you to operate a company that helps pay for the gear you’re using to begin with, it can handle multitasking AAA titles without breaking a sweat!

5. Deep Learning

The importance of the cloud in revolutionizing business high-performance computing cannot be emphasized. The cloud has aided Ziff Inc. in establishing an altogether new business category: deep learning as a service. Ziff caters to enterprises who want deep learning insights but don’t want to hire a data scientist or construct their own HPC infrastructure, using Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 servers with Nvidia GPUs. The service is used by several Ziff clients to analyze photos and correlate them with associated data.

“While academics may be content with 10,000 photos, businesses may have millions or even billions,” said Ben Taylor, Ziff’s chief AI officer and co-founder. Ben Taylor, co-founder and chief AI officer of Ziff Inc. One Ziff user is operating a house price prediction program that makes use of Ziff processing capacity to evaluate property photos and correlate them with other pertinent data to obtain market price estimates.

“Our technology is capable of consuming [the photos and data] and creating competing models. You just need an engineer, not a data scientist “Taylor explained.

Chatbooks, an online scrapbooking service, also employs the AI capabilities of the Ziff platform to automate picture deduplication and high-quality photo recognition, saving customers time while producing scrapbooks. HireVue, another customer, is working on AI-based human resources solutions that use online video interviews to evaluate job prospects. This is one of the use of gaming laptop other than gaming.

6. Photorealistic 3D Rendering in the Cloud

In the endeavor to fulfill client needs in a technologically advanced environment, firms may use their ingenuity to cobble together apps, tools, and services from a variety of sources. As these new applications are implemented, some businesses may discover that they are employing HPC without even realizing it. Timex Group is a good example of a high-performance computing use case. The company created an app to let its watch designers and business partners easily see new watch designs.

“A configurator was what we needed to mix and match various components like the dial and accessories. There was no structure in place that allowed you to mix and match to create a fresh look “Krishna Mohan, Timex’s director of supply chain services, agreed. To discover solutions, the business conducted a global search that yielded two companies:

Tacton Systems of Sweden, which creates software that allows components to be combined, and Migenius of Australia, which makes RealityServer, a 3D photorealistic rendering program. The timepiece customisation system is provided by the two combined. This is one of the best use of gaming laptop other than gaming.

Because delay in rendering new designs would soon erode designer productivity and dissuade business partners, the Timex mix-and-match application requires fast performance. The Migenius rendering software is hosted by Nimbix cloud services, which are powered by Lenovo servers with Nvidia GPUs. The Nimbix platform is not virtualized, instead using containers for bare metal applications.

“Customers are looking at seconds and minutes. We can’t discuss waiting five minutes for interactive programs to load. That is insufficient “Migenius CEO Paul Arden looked at a variety of cloud providers before settling on Nimbix for performance reasons.

XBOX Vs Playstation Rivalary: 5 Interesting Facts

Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox (XBOX Vs Playstation) have been at odds for over two decades. But who is the victor? A journey through the ages. Microsoft’s Xbox brand joined the gaming business over 18 years ago. This action triggered a decades-long feud between the corporation and Sony, the parent company of PlayStation. The so-called console wars have driven gamers to choose sides throughout the years, with some even defending their preferred device with zeal.

When Microsoft released the first Xbox video game console, the PlayStation was the undisputed console market leader. It had been in charge since the mid-1990s. The first PlayStation sold over a hundred million copies, which was a huge number at the time.

By the end of the 1990s, Microsoft was concerned about what we now refer to as the PlayStation’s threat to the console business. In many of us gaming minds, Xbox vs Playstation was and still is an effort to reclaim territory for Microsoft. While Xbox vs Playstation was the new kid on the block, it had the backing of the whole Bill Gates organization. Microsoft has also converted Windows CE to the Sega Dreamcast prior to the Xbox vs Playstation, providing them familiarity with consoles.

Here are some interesting facts you need to know about XBOX vs Playstation.

1. Sony’s Focus on Exclusivity

For a long time, new consoles were generally advertised as having “platform exclusive” games that were exclusively accessible on that machine. Sony and Microsoft have paid millions of dollars to developers in the past for exclusive arrangements. In order to prevent Grand Theft Auto IV from being a Playstation 3 exclusive, Microsoft paid Rockstar Games $75 million in 2010.

This tradition continues with Sony’s latest PS5 launch. Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us) and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica Studio are among the first-party exclusives advertised for the system (God of War). Sony has also had significant success selling hardware peripherals that enhance the appeal of its systems, as seen by recent quarterly sales.  The PlayStation virtual reality headset sold more than five million units worldwide during the last generation. In contrast, Microsoft quickly abandoned the Kinect. This motion-sensing device bundled with the Xbox One never won over its audience. This is one of interesting thing about XBOX Vs Playstation.

2. The Rise of Subscription Gaming

Despite the fact that Sony outsold Microsoft with the PS4 last generation, Microsoft appears to have changed the goalposts in 2020. As Phil Spencer points out, Microsoft’s goal is no longer to sell the most consoles, but to amass the largest number of gamers, regardless of where they play. The console is now almost irrelevant. For example, Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, which debuted in 2017, gives users access to Xbox vs Playstation games on both consoles and computers. Game Pass is similar to Netflix in that it charges a monthly subscription for access to a library of content. Although a Game Pass subscription isn’t required, Microsoft claims that 70% of X/S console players do.

3. Gaming on the Cloud, Everywhere

Game Pass is powered by “cloud gaming” technology. Unlike consoles, which supply the local processing gear needed to play games, cloud gaming includes streaming games from a host’s remote servers to the user’s device over the internet. Cloud gaming allows for smooth cross-platform gaming, which has advanced dramatically in recent years. Due to “high latency,” this hasn’t worked successfully in the past. The time between making an input (such as shooting a character) and receiving the output is referred to as this (the character being shot).

Cloud gaming is becoming a competitive field, with huge tech giants like Google and Amazon stepping in, thanks to increasing computer power, internet connections, and creative design tactics. With PS Now, Sony began experimenting with cloud gaming in 2014. This site allows you to broadcast older games like PS3 games. While Sony continues to provide PS Now on the PS5, at a lower cost than Microsoft’s Game Pass, the service is still mostly focused on older titles. Microsoft, on the other hand, is heavily promoting its new Project xCloud.

This service, which is included with GamePass, allows users to stream certain recent Xbox vs Playstation games to their smartphone or tablet without having to purchase an Xbox console. This is one of interesting thing about XBOX Vs Playstation.

4. PlayStation has a Better UI Overall

There is one significant difference between XBOX Vs Playstation , the PS4 and Xbox One user interfaces. If someone were to check out both systems for the first time, they would find the PlayStation 4’s UI to be completely intuitive. With the PS4’s user interface, it’s practically impossible to get lost. The system’s media bar prominently displays games, store, friends, settings, and so on. This is one of interesting thing about XBOX Vs Playstation.

While the Xbox One’s user interface is still good, the current generation is a touch more difficult and requires some understanding. When learning how to use the Xbox One, there are a number of shortcuts to remember. It takes a second to find out how to bring up your friends list. When you consider how many various types of gamers (of all ages) are likely to use Xbox, it’s not complex, but it’s not entirely obvious.

5. The Future of Xbox is Bright — Your Games Are Future Proof

With the Games Anywhere Initiative and Project Scorpio coming out in 2017, you can be confident that many of your Xbox games will look great in the future. Microsoft has gone above and above to bring individual Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One, and its new first-party titles are already being scaled for 4K. You may rest certain that your game library will not vanish. This is one of interesting thing about XBOX Vs Playstation.

Microsoft is attempting to develop the concept of owning all of your games in perpetuity. Microsoft wants you to build up a sizable gaming collection on your account. Their current idea is that your Xbox games should always travel with you, regardless of which (Microsoft) system you wish to play them on. It’s a fantastic preservationist vision, to be sure. Xbox is clearly committed to the long haul.