Many people especially younger ones have dreams of playing all day while earning money. It did not become a dream come true for all. However, there are still some who made it real. Gaming earners won millions of dollars while they are in it.

Here is a list of top 8 highest gaming earners in UK.

List of The Top 8 Highest Gaming Earners In the UK :

1. United Kingdom Wolfiez – Jaden Ashman

  $1,349,828.07    Fortnite               $1,349,828.07   

When a gamer is chastised for spending too much time playing videogames, Jaden Ashman (UK) may tell his story of winning the Fortnite World Cup. Jaden, better known among gamers as “Wolfiez,” won almost $1 million in one of the greatest esports events at the age of 15 years 229 days, making him the youngest esports billionaire from a single tournament. Even more incredible, Jaden didn’t even win first place; he came in second place in the Duo event alongside his Dutch teammate Dave “Rojo” Jong. United Kingdom Wolfiez – Jaden Ashman is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

Over the past few years, the world of esports has grown from an interesting experiment to see if a mass audience would actually enjoy watching other people play videogames competitively, to one of the world’s biggest spectator sports. Goldman Sachs estimates that the global monthly audience for esports is around 167 million people, which is larger than both the NHL and Major League Baseball.

2. United Kingdom Mongraal – Kyle Jackson

    $691,204.23       Fortnite               $691,204.23 

Kyle Jackson, best known online as ‘Mongraal,’ is a British professional gamer who competes in Epic Games’ first-person shooter battle royale game ‘Fortnite.’ He’s just 14 years old and has been playing professionally for ‘Team Secret,’ a pro eSports team, since he was 13. He has the titles of ‘Youngest Competitive Fortnite Player’ and ‘No.1 British Fortnite Player.’ He’s participated in 12 events for the team so far, winning eight with his colleagues. While his professional contract does not pay him, he does receive a portion of the prize money.

He also creates his own gaming material and frequently arranges freebies for his supporters. ‘BBC News’ published an interview with him on April 29, 2018, days after the news of his recruitment was announced. United Kingdom Mongraal – Kyle Jackson is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

3. United Kingdom Bance – Ben Bance

$600,742.44       Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War       $285,000.00      

Ben “Bance” Bance is a Call of Duty esports player with the Toronto Ultra team. He is the highest-paid European player in Call of Duty history. United Kingdom Bance – Ben Bance is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

4. United Kingdom Tommey – Thomas Trewren

       $579,122.41       Call of Duty: Warzone             $367,574.30      

Thomas “Tommey” Trewren is a professional Call of Duty player who has earned millions of dollars in front of the computer. This 27-year-old Brit is one of Europe’s most distinguished and well-known Call of Duty gamers. Tommey has been a fixture on the COD scene for a long time, consistently ranking among Europe’s best players and representing some of the most prestigious companies. Epsilon eSports and Millenium are two examples, although he is most known for founding Vitality Storm, a Vitality organization squad.

Some of the organizations in eSports are having teams for multiple games. For example, Fnatic, Splyce, and Vitality are great examples of that. It means that they are some of the biggest organizations in the eSports world. Tommey has been a part of all of these three teams in his career. United Kingdom Tommey – Thomas Trewren is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

5. United Kingdom BenjyFishy – Benjy David Fish

           $567,056.29       Fortnite               $557,306.29      

Benjy David Fish, better known online as Benjyfishy, is a professional eSports player, YouTube celebrity, and Twitch streamer from the United Kingdom. Benjy initially rose to prominence as one of the best players in Fortnite’s inaugural World Cup. He’s also qualified four times in the European area, winning thousands of euros in the process. In the Fortnite competitive realm, the professional gamer has become one of the youngest competitive gamers. Benjy signed with NRG eSports as a Fortnite: Battle Royale player in 2019. United Kingdom BenjyFishy – Benjy David Fish is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

6. United Kingdom Rated – Rhys Price

$498,411.05       Call of Duty: Warzone               $273,296.93      

Rhys Price is a Call of Duty esports player who has earned millions of dollars in front of the computer. United Kingdom Rated – Rhys Price is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

7. United Kingdom TekKz – Donovan Hunt

$446,580.56       FIFA 19 $271,125.00      

In addition to being a member of the F2Freestylers – Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel, he is a competitive FIFA player recognized for his gaming videos on the channel F2Tekkz. He was the top-ranked FIFA player in the world while playing professionally for the England national team and Liverpool. He spent much of his youth playing FIFA.

His dhtekks Twitch account has more than 360,000 followers, while his YouTube channel has 700,000 subscribers. He also loves playing soccer in real life. He is an Englishman from Devon. His father instilled in him a passion for Liverpool. United Kingdom TekKz – Donovan Hunt is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.

8. United Kingdom Cammy – Cameron McKilligan

$416,075.00       Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War        $286,250.00      

Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan is a Call of Duty esports player with the Toronto Ultra team. 8. United Kingdom Cammy – Cameron McKilligan is one of the highest gaming earner in the UK.