Interesting Facts About Online Casinos

Online casinos or online gambling have become very popular over the last twenty years. Today, it is among the most profitable industries worldwide. Most of the time, casinos are depicted as glamorous, and some of the most popular films were set in Las Vegas. However, how do you think that translates when it comes to online casinos? One thing we know is that when playing in online casinos, people do not need to dress up and look glamorous.

The entertainment that online casinos provide to players is unmatched. With exciting games and tournaments, along with the increasing winning chances and greater variety, more and more players are being captured. With this, more online casinos are also being established. When you search the Internet for online casino sites, there are plenty of reputable ones that you can choose from, including noeampi kasino.

In addition to the wide variety of games and fun that you can get from online casinos, there are also some fascinating facts about them that you should learn about. In this post, we are giving you some interesting facts about online casinos.

1. The Biggest Online Casino Win Was Around $24 Million

In 2013, the world record online slot machine win was claimed by a Finnish man in his 40s. With only a 25-cent bet on a progressive jackpot slot game, the lucky man won €17,861,800, which is around $24 million. This is considered to be the biggest online casino jackpot win ever.

2. Who Plays Online Casino Games More?

When you take a look at the statistics of players in online casinos, you will see that they are predominantly men. It is considered that around 11% of the people who access the Internet actively visit gambling sites. Based on annual statistics, more than 80% of the people who play in online casinos are male.

Another interesting fact is that players tend to be more than the age of 30 years. This actually serves them well as gambling problems are predominantly in the younger make gambler, which is around 7.5 times more likely to be addicted and have financing crisis than their female counterparts.

3. How Old Is The Online Casino Industry?

It might have taken some years before the popularity of online casinos grew, but did you know that they are almost as old as the Internet? The Internet was first created in 1991. Micro gaming, one of the biggest online gaming providers, launched a site called the gaming club in 1994. Since then, graphics have improved well, and the games we know today are slick, professional, and not like the original awkward versions. With the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality, more developments are likely to be seen for online casinos.

4. Online Casino Percentage

Did you know that there are no longer many who are loyal casino visitors? In fact, only 10% of all players choose to play on land-based casino slot machines, while as many as 90% of them play on online casino sites. Another fun thing about this is that many of them, around 33%, call themselves professional gamblers.

5. Blackjack Is The Most Popular Online Casino Game

The most played game in almost every online casino is Blackjack. It is a fast-paced card game that is easy to learn and fun to play. It also comes with variations that can keep players entertained for months on end.

6. Cryptocurrency Is Becoming Popular In The Online Gambling Industry

The use of cryptocurrency as a payment method is neither officially allowed nor prohibited in online casinos. Some online casino sites have already integrated the option for players to exchange their currency with ease. Some of the benefits that come with using cryptocurrency include privacy, security, speed, and no additional charges.

7. AI Plays A Significant Role In The Online Casino

Artificial Intelligence or AI is widely used in the online casino industry for the purpose of quicker progress and efficiency, which is advantageous for both the online casino and the players. It’s because it collects data from all the players, which improves their experience to be more personal and secure. With the use of AI, the favorite games of players, recommendations, promotional offers, and more are easier to access.

8. Online Casinos Never Sleep

One of the best things about online casinos is that they do not have actual staff or dealers. Most of the games offered are automated. Therefore, people can access them anytime they want. In fact, at any one time, it is estimated that for every ten Internet users, one of them is playing online casino games.

9. Some Countries Only Allow Online Gambling

There are countries where you can only gamble when you use the Internet. There are no casinos, and you also must not be caught gambling in person. When you get caught, you can be arrested and fined. One of those is Monaco. This is quite ironic as Monaco is a popular place in casino history. However, they have changed their minds, and these days, you can only do it online.

10. Bonuses Are Very Important For Online Casino Players

In the age of the Internet, most people have become conditioned to ignore promises of free money. It’s because, more often, it is a fake offer, if not an absolute scam. But this is not the case when it comes to online casino bonuses.

It’s because they are offered in the form of free play, giving you a chance to win more. Therefore, it is highly recommended to take advantage if you are given some online casino bonuses.


Online casino gambling is indeed a big part of the gambling industry. A lot of major investors of regular casinos have also bought it into the digital revolution. In fact, many of them find online casinos to be as profitable as land-based casinos, with fewer stress and hassles. Therefore, if you are looking for some online entertainment that can give you a chance to earn some money while you have fun, why not try your luck in online casinos. Just remember to gamble responsibly and focus on having a great time. We hope this post helped you learn more interesting facts about online casinos.