Top 13 Gaming Facts Of All Time

Gaming has been ingrained in our culture. It is one of humanity’s most vital sources of amusement. At the same time, the majority of people have turned this into a profession and are generating millions.

For the past two decades, the video game business has been fast evolving. Even now, some individuals believe that the average gamer is a male teenager. Others fail to believe that the video gaming business is now worth billions of dollars and that some gamers make a career off of it. These are unsupported assumptions based on no evidence or research.

Fortunately for us, online gaming has exploded, providing us with all of the data we require to present facts. There will be no more hiding gaming for fear of being judged by others. Most people will be surprised by some of this information. It’s past time for us to start communicating facts rather than myths. Here are some gaming facts that will make you reconsider your opinion of “Gamers.”

Here are the top 13 gaming facts of all time;

1. The 10 Billion Dollar Game

World of WarCraft is the highest-grossing video game of all time, with a total of 10 billion dollars in sales.

2. 68% of Smartphone or Tablet Owners Play Online Games

Smartphones have been a big source of growth for the online gaming business in recent years. Because they are universal. Almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone in this modern era.

Although the quality of such games is often lower than that of PC or Xbox games, they have expanded gaming’s boundaries and made it more accessible to a wider audience. Mobile gaming is definitely going to grow bigger and more popular in the future.

3. Nearly 30% of Gamers are Now Aged 50 And Above

You’ll be surprised to learn about elder gamers’ growing impact. Because game creators initially did not target elderly and mature individuals, they disregarded the statistics. Senior folks now account for little under 30% of online gaming, with titles such as crossword puzzles and video games catering to them.

4. Chinese Video Market Generates the Most Revenue

As of June 2018, China was the largest video game market, with sales exceeding $27 billion in the previous year. Asia is the victor when it comes to money earned by pay-to-play (P2P) and free-to-play (F2P) massively multiplayer online (MMO) games. In Asia, F2P games produced over $11.2 billion in June 2017 while P2P MMO games made over $1.4 billion. Europe was the second-largest income generator for both sorts, while North America came in third.

5. VPN Makes Online Gaming Better

VPN (Virtual Private Network) has become such an important aspect of online gaming over the last several years. The players can reroute their connection through a server in the nation of their choice using a VPN.

To make their gaming more fluid, players require re-routing. For example, a server close to the game’s core hub will give boring gameplay in comparison to one further away. Not only that, but VPN also ensures the users’ online security and early access to DLC and updates.

6. Virtual Reality is Becoming the New Trend

Virtual Reality is no longer just for science fiction films or novels; the VR system for a console has proven to be a success, and the future of Virtual Reality in gaming seems bright. The user can better relate to the game and enjoy the gameplay.

7. South Korea Once Banned Midnight Gaming

The Cinderella rule in South Korea prevents minors under the age of 16 from playing internet video games after midnight (from 12 AM to 6 AM). Mobile games and consoles, on the other hand, were unaffected. To get around the legislation, kids couldn’t stop themselves from playing online video games, so they started stealing the resident registration number.

8. Secret of PlayStation

The PlayStation was initially intended to be a Nintendo console, with Sony producing the internal components after Nintendo decided not to create the console. Sony made the decision to produce the PlayStation.

9. The Best Selling Game Console of All Time

The PlayStation 2 and Nintendo DS are the best-selling systems of all time, with 155 million copies sold each.

10. There are More Females Online Gamers than Males

Do you know that women make up 45 percent of video gamers and 46 percent of game buyers? Isn’t it fascinating? Gaming is no longer perceived as a boys-only club, thanks to more customized characters, intricate narratives, and a greater embrace of ‘geekiness.’ “What! you play video games?” and “You find action games engaging?” are inquiries that women gamers can totally relate to. Seriously, though, aren’t they all boys?.” However, time has passed. When you tell someone you play video games, they are more likely to inquire about the kind of games you enjoy, which is fantastic.

11. The Man Behind Mario

Mario was named after Mr. Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo’s first warehouse. Mario’s initial moniker was Mr. Video Game, which became Mr. Segale’s nickname. Mario has appeared in over a hundred and twenty video games.

12. Grand Theft Auto V – Most Expensive Game Ever Made

The 2013 edition of “Grand Theft Auto V” takes the title of most costly video game. The game cost over $137 million to develop and another $128 million to advertise. However, the creator, Rockstar North, made a tremendous profit because the game made over $1 billion in its first three days. “Call of Duty: Modern War Far 2 (2009)” takes the title of second most costly video game. The total development cost was $50 million, while marketing and promotion costs were estimated to be approximately $200 million.

13. Secret of X-box

XBOX have been at odds for over two decades. A journey through the ages. Microsoft’s Xbox brand joined the gaming business over 18 years ago. This action triggered a decades-long feud between the corporation and Sony, the parent company of PlayStation. The so-called console wars have driven gamers to choose sides throughout the years, with some even defending their preferred device with zeal.